Welcome to Uncorked, a new blog focused on legal issues and regulations relevant to wineries, vintners, winegrape growers and farmers, vendors and tasting rooms. Our contributors are California attorneys who practice and live in the up-and-coming wine regions of the Sacramento Valley and Sierra Foothills. Our goal: to keep you informed on recent developments and hot topics in the industry. We all know how heavily regulated the alcoholic beverage industry is – from licenses and permits to labeling and marketing – it can be difficult to navigate the requirements set forth by the TTB, the IRS, the ABC, and local governments. Add to that issues related to contracts, employment, land use, water rights, insurance, and trademarks, and things can quickly seem overwhelming. Hopefully, our blog can give you a little insight and perspective into some of those issues, and point you in the right direction for further inquiry.

That said, we are excited to get started! Suzanne Nicholson has lived in Amador County for over a decade. In this Sierra Foothills region, there are 40-plus local wineries, many of them located in the renowned Shenandoah Valley just east of Plymouth. In the past few years, the number of tasting rooms on historic Main Street in Sutter Creek has more than doubled. At last count, there were 9 tasting rooms all within walking distance of each other! It’s hard not to be a wine lover when you live in this environment! Hopefully this blog will bring a nice blend of local insight and legal information that will be of benefit to the local wine community.

Jessica Coffield grew up in Livermore, surrounded by some of the best, most dedicated winemakers in the world. She has a love of all things wine and has educated herself on the winemaking process as a new way to geek out on wine. As a business attorney, Jessica is able to take her extensive knowledge of general business law and marry it with her love of wine to assist leaders in the industry create and maintain the best vehicle for their success.  The journey from vine to wine is exciting, but keeping up with compliance can be a full-time job! This blog aims to be a resource that allows farmers, grape growers, vintners, winery-owners, and others in the industry spend more time concentrating on their craft, and less time untangling the web of ever-changing rules and regulations.

We look forward to posting, and reading your comments.

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